Wood Collection:    The wooden bowls are carved out of a solid blocks of wood from Turkey's Kastamonu region; the silver ornaments are hand made dreidels by Afghan artisans.  The serving trays are deep black lacquered MDF, hand cut to unique designs, with silver veneer feet and adorned with silver ornaments which are from brides' necklaces from Kazakhstan.  The old, authentic wooden printing blocks which were originally used for fabric printing still carry the weight of their time old service.

wood collection background.jpg

Copper & Brass Collection:   This collection comprises mostly of creations and replicas of original pieces which are hand hammered in the same way as they were 500 years ago.  The Ottoman horse headpiece line is an ornate design in original size, where the sophistication of the piece used to indicate the rank of the rider. Lokumluk, the gold-plated brass circular serving plate for the offering of lokum,  is a proprietary design complemented with the decorative dreidel made of silver and gold veneer with small agate gems, from Afghanistan. The antique brass hand hammered helmet is a replica of Seljuk era headgear worn by the foot soldiers.



Wall Accessories:  The antique locks are actually original  lock mechanisms from Ottoman times.  They are collected from villages in Anatolia, cleaned and polished to achieve its highly decorative look and mounted on a black lacquered wooden support.  The four keys piece are replicas of the keys for Greek and Armenian churches, synagogues and other Ottoman buildings, all of which exist in close proximity to each other in Istanbul. 

Dot design katalog bilgi.jpg

Marble Collection:  White and black marble from Turkey's eastern provinces is used to carve out the round platters.  They come with the traditional lokumluk at the center with a glass or brass cover.   Traditionally, the lokumluk is used as a gift to the family of the bride-to-be, brought by the family of the groom.  Of course, filled with the lokums, which is the Turkish Delight.